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16 September 1989
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-LOVE YOU FOREVER(feat. Yunjae/Jaeho)


-HIS LIFE, HIS LOVE, HIS STORY(feeat. Yunjae/Jaeho)

-UNMATCHED LOVE?(feat. Yunjae/Jaeho)


Lets see about me...what can i say about myself, well for sure one thing i can say about myself is...I LOVE TO WRITE STORIES. It's like taking my own imagination and making it into a story hahaha. When i'm bored i'll write stories to entertain myself, so that i won't die of boredom. The two mainly character i write about is jaeho Jaejoong and Yunho. I think those two makes such a cute and adorable couple, but yes we all know their not GAY, so don't say that, it's rude and mean. I like to listen to asian music, sometimes i'll listen to english music but not all the time. As of right now i'm really into KPOP(korean pop) i use to be into jpop(japanese pop) but DBSK pulled me out of it lmao. So yeah i blame it on DBSK's fault hahahaha. Anyways, my number one group is super junior but DBSK comes closely after them too ^___^ eh who can't love those two adorable boy group lmao. From DBSK my fav. member is JUNG YUNHO!!! He's a 100% hottie just to tell you lmao and from super junior my number one fav. member is TEUKIE TEUKIE TEUKIE!!! I love his smile and his dimples oh and his dorkiness too lmao. Well okay that's all about me so far ^___^ enjoy my stories and plz comment then, see you in my fics okies buh byez.


japan_gal559@hotmail.com(plz feel free to add me okies)
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